Here are some of my more recent projects, for those interested in my portfolio. My resume and my GitHub and Stack Overflow pages may also be of interest.

  • Enlightened Structure

    An open source meme, collaboratively initiated with Harlan Wood, Adam Apollo, Travis Wellman, Matthew Schutte, and others. The trajectory of enlightened structure is to define an architecture for semantically interoperable federated data ecosystems. We seek to enable a broad ecosystem of apps and data, wholly controlled by the individual, which transcends the traditional barriers between applications. This will involve infrastructure-level technologies such as trust networks, fork-based collaboration, and annotation. Visualization innovations will provide streamlined ways to navigate the mass of emergent data pathways.

  • WikiGini

    WikiGini is envisioned as an open source, wiki-style editable repository of human genealogy. The project is dormant at this stage but I will revive it when time allows.

    There is a demo running on Heroku. Please feel free to explore.

    ruby on rails, jquery ui, javascript infovis toolkit