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Jack Senechal

Principal Engineer / Coach / Leader

Located in Novato, CA
Phone: 415-779-2701


Industry Experience

Principal Software Engineer, Kantata

(2017 - Dec 2023)

Lead Developer, Co-founder, Pegg

(2014 - 2017)

Consultant and Entrepreneur

(2008 - 2014)

Web Developer, OnForce, Inc

(2006 - 2007)

Development Lead, JBA Network

(2003 - 2006)

Intern, US Navy FNMOD



Technical Skills


Organizational & Soft Skills

Additional Competencies


University of North Carolina at Asheville

(May, 2003)


“Jack is an exceptional engineer and leader. He strives to deeply understand the technology he’s working on while remaining cognizant of the socio-technical components that may be a factor in any project. He’s thorough, detail-oriented, and outcome-oriented, which means the solutions he architects, builds, and collaborates on come out better. Jack also strives to be at the forefront of new technology and assess how he can leverage it. Newer tech like GenAI can be complex and ever-evolving, and Jack is not one to back down but step up and embrace. He does all this with a strong team mentality, is a phenomenal team player, and can effectively delegate to help lift others’ skill sets.”

Brandon Clifford, Director of DevOps, Kantata

“Jack is a fantastic engineer always ready to help solve problems and more importantly, teach you how to solve them. He guided me and my team through a bunch of challenging gitops situations with patience and kindness, leading by example. Always diligent with his work, willing to roll up his sleeves to get things done and find creative solutions, maybe tinkering in some kind of script that would make the manual processes easier and more resilient. Everyone would be lucky to have someone like him in their teams!”

Cesar Palafox Garza, Principal Software Engineer, Kantata

“Jack has had quite a profound impact on my career. As a young engineer, I was fortunate enough to work with Jack as my coach. He served as a great mentor, helping me build both technical and professional skills and forming me into the engineer that I am today. Throughout our time together, Jack was caring and invested in helping me set goals and develop my career. His mentorship was a key factor in elevating myself from an incoming Junior Engineer to an Engineering Manager. Jack has a great curiosity and a strong set of technical capabilities that allow him to serve as a great example for others and a key contributor to any team!”

Wesley Morlock, Engineering Manager, Kantata

“Jack provided invaluable leadership as a Principal Software Engineer at Kantata. He was a powerful voice for the technology but made sure to advocate for changes that were also certain to provide immediate impact to the customer. I highly recommend Jack as a excellent dev ops engineer and as a technical leader.”

Nathan Perry, Principal Software Engineer, Kantata

“Jack is talented both as software developer and as an operations engineer. While working together in a Principal Engineer capacity, I saw how passionate Jack is about helping his colleagues and his organization level up. He is a great engineer with excellent leadership and organizational abilities.”

Jason Larsen, Software Engineering Manager, Kantata

“Jack is a great co-worker. He is awesome at understanding the direction teams need to go to make important improvements in Kantata’s Engineering organization as a whole. He has been instrumental in building and implementing strategies to upgrade Ruby, Rails, and React. If I had any questions about infrastructure and Kubernetes he would be able to answer and provide solid explanations to the entire team.”

Justin Hurstwright, Principal Software Engineer, Kantata

“Jack is a phenomenal resource to work with. He is very knowledgeable about programming and cloud infrastructure and is always eager to learn new things.”

Donovan Hubbard, Senior DevOps Engineer, Kantata

“Jack has a flair for finding better, faster, and more reliable ways to get things done. He advocates best practices, like unit testing, and has a deep knowledge of OO architecture. Jack thinks on his toes, and will always be there with the team at 4 a.m. if circumstance requires it. :%s/average developers/developers like jack/g if you know what’s good for you.”

Greg Whitescarver, Founder, Mojave

“With Jack, the more complex the problem, the more simple his solutions. From eradicating dynamic php bugs to providing innovative javascript capabilities, Master Senechal is more than a mind to be reckoned with, he’s an integrative capacity builder with a wide range of technological expertise. If there is anything that can be done through web development, Jack can figure out how to do it, and make it happen.”

Adam Apollo, Cofounder & CEO, Superluminal Systems
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